Semiconductor Automation Support

US Technologies is one of the largest independent service companies in the United States for quality driven, expert refurbishment, repair, upgrades, sales and testing. We are specialists for an array of wafer handling robots and robot arms designed for both vacuum and atmospheric applications.  Our comprehensive repair services provide OEM quality without the OEM price tag or long lead times.  Our robot refurbishment program covers a complete tear down and rebuild along with full-functional testing capabilities at or above OEM specifications.  UST’s core business is to support out of warranty, legacy products with extensive warranty coverage (1 year) to provide for greater asset recovery and reduced costs. Our automation service team is comprised of highly experienced Brooks personnel and our refurbishment programs have been audited by well-respected companies in the industry such as Intel, Applied Materials and Brooks Automation.

Along with our robotics service, US Technologies has a very active repair/refurbishment support program for a number of Advanced Energy, RFPP and ENI RF and DC generators.  We provide support services for robot peripherals (arms, controllers, teach pendants, pre-aligners, etc) as well as subassemblies that support the tool operation such as power supplies, circuit boards, motor controllers and elevators.

Service Highlights and Benefits

  • Shortened repair/refurbishment cycle times for significantly reduced customer down-time along with a full 1-year warranty with the availability of extended warranties.
  • Flat Rate, highly competitive pricing to provide our customers the ability to budget services more accurately
  • Testing at or above OEM specifications with test reports provided for each unit
  • Full capability to upgrade robot versions and levels
  • UST’s PLATINUM™ Advanced Exchange program is available with our extensive stock of product to minimize customers inventory as well as allowing customers the availability of a 24 hour turn around.
  • In-house design and engineering team has the capability to fully support product down to the subassembly level
  • Trade in (upgrade) program that provide a migration path to newer models.
  • Sales (Spares) Support of atmospheric and vacuum robots, arms, controllers, RF and DC generators and other system related peripherals and subassemblies

We provide complete refurbishment of the following Semiconductor products:

  • Brooks MultiTran® 5
  • Brooks VacuTran™ 5
  • Brooks MagnaTran® 7
  • Brooks AcuTran® Series
  • Brooks AquaTran™ Series
  • Reliance ATR™ Series
  • DBM 2400/2700 Series
  • VAC-407™ Series
  • Equipe/PRI – AxM™ 100/200/400
  • Kensington™
  • Controllers, Pre-Aligners, Arms
  • RF Generators, Power Supplies, circuit boards, teach pendants, motors
  • Refurbishment, repair, testing and sales for all parts used within the tool