For over 25 years UST has been providing quality repair services to GE Medical, Philips Medical Systems, Hitachi Medical, Mennen Medical, Lanier, Roche Diagnostics and Abbott Laboratories to name a few.  UST specializes in Nuclear Imaging, MRI, Ultrasound Blood and Urine Analyzers and Patient Monitoring systems.

We are a resource for quality driven testing, repairing, refurbishment, upgrades and modifications.  US Technologies also stocks and sells a large variety of products used within the medical industry including RF Amplifiers, PCB’s, power supplies, motor drivers and electronic assemblies.

UST provides component level repair on the following subassemblies used in medical equipment:

  • RF Amplifiers
  • Motor Controls
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • High Voltage Power Supplies