US Technologies - Providing the Highest Quality Testing/Engineering/Repair Services for Electronic Subassemblies/Circuit Boards
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Repair Services
US Technologies is a complete, one-source subassembly
electronics repair services facility
Custom Inventory
Management Service
Multibus I and II
Multibus I and II - test
Multibus I and II - repair
Multibus I and II - buy
Multibus I and II - sell
Multibus I and II - inventory management
Digital and Analog PCB's
Digital and Analog PCB's - test
Digital and Analog PCB's - repair
Digital and Analog PCB's - buy
Digital and Analog PCB's - sell
Digital and Analog PCB's - inventory management
Proprietary PCB's
Proprietary PCB's - test
Proprietary PCB's - repair
Proprietary PCB's - buy
Proprietary PCB's - sell
Proprietary PCB's - inventory managment
Off-the-shelf PCB's
Off-the-shelf PCB's - test
Off-the-shelf PCB's - repair
Off-the-shelf PCB's - buy
Off-the-shelf PCB's -  sell
Off-the-shelf PCB's - inventory management
Power Supplies
Power Supplies - test
Power Supplies - repair
Power Supplies - buy
Power Supplies - sell
Power Supplies - inventory management
VME's - test
VME's- repair
VME's - buy
VME's - sell
VME's - inventory management
RF Amplifiers
RF Amplifiers - test
RF Amplifiers - repair
RF Amplifiers - buy
RF Amplifiers - sell
RF Amplifiers - inventory management
Monitors - test
Monitors - repair
Monitors - buy
Monitors - sell
Monitors - inventory management
Motor Controllers
Motor Controllers - test
Motor Controllers - repair
Motor Controllers - inventory management
Imaging - test
Imaging - repair
Imaging - inventory management
OEM Partner Services
OEM Partner Services - test
OEM Partner Services - repair
OEM Partner Services - buy
OEM Partner Services - inventory management
Out of Warranty Products
Out of Warranty Products - test
Out of Warranty Products - repair
Out of Warranty Products - buy
Out of Warranty Products - inventory management

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