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UST OEM Partnership Process

UST ' s robust OEM Partnership Program offers a customized program tailored to your specific needs. All good programs begin with a plan … and with UST ' s years of experience in serving the needs of OEM customers, we follow a process to insure success.

Needs assessment

We discuss in detail the best program to meet your goals for quality, cost and repair turnaround.
Samples/ specifications UST engineers review all pertinent product samples, documentation and/or subassemblies .
Engineering Our engineers work closely with you to propose the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable test methods.
Test Fixturing When necessary UST engineers begin test fixturing design and assembly with each step properly documented and verified for reliability.
Final Testing/ Documentation After all test software and hardware is completed, we create all necessary test procedures and documentation.
Sample Lot Testing UST provides a sample lot of repaired subassemblies to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.
Custom Repair Service Begins We begin the repair process in a seamless, efficient and reliable manner.

UST provides OEM ' s with piece of mind:
Acts as your authorized repair center
   OEM-like performance on repairs
   Advanced exchange program
   Depot repair under the OEM brand
   Maintenance programs to help extend the life of your products
   Our services allow OEM ' s to concentrate/invest in new products
   Complete warranty repair
   End of Life support programs
   Providing the highest quality repair possible … continuing the strong OEM/customer relationship


We provide OEM support for just about every market and electronics subassembly.
Just ask for more info

Please contact us for more information on our OEM Partnership Program
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