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End of Life Product Support
UST ' s End of Life Support Solutions makes obsolescence a thing of the past!
End of Life Support Solutions Makes Obsolescence a Thing of the Past!Working as a partnership with manufacturers, UST ' s End of Life Support program of manufacturing, repair, sales, technical and customer support of discontinued products provides significant benefits to the manufacturer and the manufacturers customer base.
Manufacturer benefits:
Concentrate your efforts on new products and your core business
   Frees up technical and customer support resources
   All warranty issues are handled by US Technologies
   Allows you to maintain strong customer relations
   Provides for a high quality,reliable source of product
   Eliminates multiple vendor contacts, we do it all!
Customer benefits:
Provides for ongoing support for customers that don ' t have the ability to upgrade
   Assures customers of OEM-like quality and packaging
   Allows customer to maintain relationship with manufacturer
   Eliminates need for additional expense for “ last time purchase”
   Allows customer to save their own resources by not having to find another product to
     meet their needs

Moving Yesterday's Technology Forward ”

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