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Robot Refurbishment
Robot refurbishment is not created equal…that's why UST goes through the extra steps to insure the highest quality refurbishment possible. We provide robot refurbishment for some of the world's largest semiconductor companies to OEM specifications. Our refurbishment services will save you time and money and comes with full
warranty coverage.
We provide the highest quality refurbishment of Brooks Automation robot models:
  VacuTran ™ 5/MultiTran ™ 5
  MagnaTran ™ 7
Our complete Test Procedures verify the two main areas of leak and repeatability as well as other key areas of robot operations:
Record the robot's component serial numbers
Test power
Test communications
Basic functional test
Complete a dynamic leak check
Identify limits of travel
Provide a fast speed burn-in
Complete a thorough repeatability procedure
Record all speeds
Complete a final dynamic leak check
Ck for Z movement under vacuum
Complete a final operations check
Please contact us for more information on our robotics services.
Providing the Highest Quality Refurbishment of Brooks Automation Robot Models

Benefits of our robot services

Shortened repair cycle times 
  and down-time

Flat-rate product refurbishment results  in significant cost savings
We provide a full warranty on
 our services
Refurbishment to OEM specifications

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