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RF Amplifiers


UST specializes in the testing, repair and refurbishment of all types of RF amplifiers (broadband and narrowband), microwave amplifiers and millimeter-wave amplifiers: solid state, thin film, traveling wave tube (TWT), low noise RF amplifiers, intermediate power RF amplifiers, limiting RF amplifiers, doubler RF amplifiers, driver RF amplifiers, variable gain RF amplifiers, and active frequency multipliers.

We have repaired amplifier product for a broad spectrum of areas including Military, SATCOM, TACSAT, EMC/EMI/RFI, medical imaging MRI/NMR, general laboratory equipment and much more.

We're your one source for RF Amplifier repairs:  
   Our services can easily supplement your existing internal repair functions
We specialize in OEM partnerships including depot repair
   Complete turnkey outsource partnerships
   UST ' s repair success rate is industry renowned, based on our
     expertise and testing procedures
   We can provide customized repair programs, based on your
     individual requirements
   UST carefully tracks your product through our bar-coded inventory
     management system for fast item identification
   Our team of engineers are capable of solving the toughest
     technical challenges ,meeting the most stringent requirements
     while insuring reliability
   All repaired amplifiers carry up to a 1 year UST warranty
RF Amplifier Repair:
Medical Imaging
The one source for RF Amplifier repairs
Repairing Amplifier Product for a Broad Spectrum of Areas Including Military, SATCOM, TACSAT, EMC/EMI/RFI, Medical Imaging MRI/NMR, General Laboratory Equipment and much more.      Up to a 1 year UST warranty on All Repaired Amplifiers     Customized Repair Programs
Get “ Original ” Performance from “ Original ” Products … only UST
can provide you OEM Quality Repair
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