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UST is the EXCLUSIVE FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE REPAIR CENTER FOR LECROY LRS PRODUCTS used in physics experiments at laboratories, worldwide. We have a large inventory of LeCroy high-energy physics modular products available for sale as well as providing repair, calibration and refurbishment for all LeCroy CAMAC, FASTBUS, VME, NIM series of modular products.

Selling and Servicing the Full Line of LeCroy LRS

UST Sells and Services the Full Line of LeCroy LRS
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UST is a major OEM service/repair facility offering:  
   Sales of modules, crates and a variety of other
      LeCroy physics /laboratory product
   Refurbishment, repair and calibration of product
   The highest quality testing standards possible
   Highly trained and certified technicians
   Very competitive pricing
   Flat rate repair charge avoids time and material issues
   Excellence in customer service and turnaround time
   Custom services for your specific needs
We are the industry experts on LeCroy LRS product. At UST you'll receive OEM quality
services because we're LeCroy approved and certified.
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