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Military/Defense - Aerospace
Branches of Military Supported: U.S. Air Force, Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard
Making Obsolescence a Thing of the Past

With a unique specialization in older, legacy electronics, UST provides a valuable resource as products become more obsolete with each passing year...especially for products no longer supported by the OEM.

As Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) or obsolescence concerns rise, UST's reverse engineering and manufacturing services along with component sourcing provides critical support by significantly extending the product life cycle.

UST is a member of Government Approved and recognized Programs/Standards
  ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  CAGE code 1D8S5
  Member of FAST Program
  NIACS authorized
  Member of A.F.A.
  DSP Program
  Cheyenne Mountain Program
  Global Awareness Program
Branches of Military Supported
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Coast Guard
Depot Repair for a Wide Range of Products
Circuit Card Assemblies
Core Memory Boards
CPU Boards
Downlink Converters
High Voltage Power Supplies
Power Supplies
Radar Components
Radar Sets
Radar Subassemblies
Radio Set
RF Amplifiers
RF Exciters
RF Signal Generators
RF Spectrum Analyzers
SATCOM amplifiers
SATCOM Systems
SBC Boards
Test Equipment
Uplink Converters
Wire Wrap Boards
...And much more
We have the capabilities to repair
AN/FPS-115, AN/FRC-178, AN/FSQ-114, AN/FYQ-109, AN/TPX-54, AN/SPS-64, AN/DPS-5, AN/MSQ-T43, AN/GKC-1, AN/GSQ-238, AN/GSQ-235, AN/MSR- T4, AN/MSQ-118, AN/MST-T1 MUTES, AN/MPQ-T3, AN/TPS-63, AN/TPS-43E, AN/ALQ-131, AN/ALQ119, AN/APX-103(V)
...And many others
Services provided to the U.S. Military
   Extensive test and repair experience for mature, legacy systems

   Reverse Engineering of electronic components and subassemblies,
      that have little or no data

  Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) support
   Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for current and
      obsolete product

   Services support to OEM specifications as well as upgrades
   Secure, dedicated depot facility providing worldwide shipping
      and product support

   Preventative maintenance programs to extend product life cycles
   MICAP repairs for domestic and FMS agencies
   State-of-the-art test equipment, test fixtures, test software and
     test procedures to meet the most stringent requirements

   Direct support for multi-year contract
   Dedicated in meeting sensitive time schedules at the most
      competitive pricing
UST accommodates source inspections to insure rigorous quality standards
Member of Government Approved and Recognized Programs/Standards
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