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Customer Care

US Technologies is a customer focused, friendly company that does all it can to make your experience with us a pleasant one. We develop our processes and practices around what's best for our customers…as you are our #1 concern, each and every day.

UST Contact Information:
We welcome your inquiries and comments. Contacting UST is quick, easy and convenient. Please click here to get complete UST contact information.

If you prefer, please complete a UST Customer Inquiry Form by clicking here. The form will be sent to our customer care support team to assist in your inquiry.
Sending items in for repair:
Sending product in for repair to UST is fast and easy. Below are our return procedures and other important links and information.
Please use any one of the following methods in sending back your item(s) for repair:
   Your company generated purchase order
   A US Technologies quote form received from our sales department (click here to contact us)
   The US Technologies Repair Return Form (click here this form)
The following minimum information must be completed on any one of the documents listed above for us to process your product for repair:
   Company Name and full billing address
   Your contact name and telephone number
   Complete Ship to address (if different from bill to information)
   Your purchase order number
   Quantity of each item returned for repair with respective part number(s) and price(s)
   How you would like the product to be shipped back to you and if applicable, your carrier shipping account
     number for billing. Items will be shipped back UPS ground if no carrier information is provided.
     (see below for shipping explanation)
   Level of Service requested (see below for service explanation)
Shipping Information:
Our standard program is to ship your items back to you via UPS ground and prepay/ add to your invoice for the shipping amount. There is a nominal handling fee charged when we prepay and add.

If you prefer, please provide us your carrier of choice (and type of service…I.e next day, 2 nd day, etc) and your shipping account number. We will charge your account accordingly and no handling charge will be incurred. Please note that choosing an expedited shipping method does not mean your repair is done faster than our normal service… it only refers to how the product will be shipped after repair.
Levels of Service Information:
We request that you indicate the level of service on any one of the three forms that you send in with your items for repair. Items with out indication will be repaired within our standard repair time. It is important that you read our Level of Service options below as it can dramatically impact the time and cost of the repair.
  Standard Repair
Standard Repair typically takes up to 15 business days from the time we have received your items. Please note that the time to repair a product varies on the level of repair needed, the age of the product and the availability of any required parts and documentation.
Rush Repair

Rush Repair is our guarantee that as long as parts are readily available, we will have your item repaired and on its way to you within 2 business days of receiving it. You will need to add 50% extra to the standard repair charge for this service…plus it must meet a $100 charge minimum. Rush repair is done on a best effort basis and may be delayed for circumstances out of our control.
Advanced Exchange:
UST offers the availability of Advanced Exchange to accounts that have special requirements. Please contact UST to learn more about this service. With the Advanced Exchange service we will ship you a replacement unit upon our receipt of a purchase order from your company requesting the exchange and we provide sufficient time for you to ship the defective item back to UST. This service is contingent on us having the unit in stock at the time of your request. Remember, you must contact us in advance to see if your company qualifies for this service.
For most products, UST warranties its workmanship and parts up to one(1) year from the date of repair and 90 days from the date received on resale items. Custom items and other types of product may have different warranty periods. Please contact UST if you have any questions regarding warranty coverage.

If an item is deemed defective and UST is notified within the respective warranty period, UST will, at its option repair or replace the item at no charge or refund the original price or the original repair charge of the item. Damage as a result of negligence, misuse, tampering or acts of God are not included in the warranty. In no event shall UST be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages.  Additionally, the customer agrees that any products returned as a warranty claim may incur additional charges if the repair being requested is not warranty related.  UST retains the right to bill the customer at an amount not to exceed the original repair price, for non-warranty repair. Items within the warranty period require no special warranty paperwork, UST will take care of the administration for you. Please refer to customer benefits for more information.
UST provides several methods for payment of repair services. Open account is available for customers upon verification of credit references. We also allow repair services to be paid via Mastercard or Visa. Accounts without an open account or credit card payment will have terms of C.O.D., company check or other payment type on a pre-arranged basis. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding terms for your company.
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