UST Awarded Manufacturing Contract for Amplifiers

United States Technologies, Inc (UST) Awarded a Manufacturing Contract for Amplifiers used inside the primary power Amplifier for the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Fair Lawn, NJ – December 7, 2015 – United States Technologies, Inc. (UST), a small privately owned business with locations out of Fair Lawn, NJ and Reno, NV has been awarded a manufacturing contract to produce replacement driver and output amplifiers used inside the primary power amplifier for the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Mode S Beacon system, used in Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems, is a combined secondary surveillance radar (beacon) and ground-air-ground data link system capable of providing the aircraft surveillance and communications necessary to support ATC operations. Mode S provides the surveillance and communication performance required by ATC with highly reliable communications needed to support data link services, and the capability of operating with a terminal or en-route, radar digitizer-equipped, ATC surveillance radar.

Mode S provides enhanced surveillance performance through mono-pulse, discrete addressing, and error protection. In addition, Mode S includes an integral data link with unique benefits to ATC because of the link’s association with the surveillance function and its resistance to interference. The primary power amplifier produces high power radio frequency (RF) pulses that are radiated into space through antenna main directional beam.

“We are pleased to be chosen as the manufacturer for these critical subassemblies to the FAA says Gary Grutkowski, President of United States Technologies. UST’s facility out of Reno Nevada is 100% focused on providing the highest quality RF amplifier manufacturing for critical applications”

 About United States Technologies, Inc (UST) 

U.S. Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of electrical and RF/Microwave manufacturing, design, engineering, reverse engineering, repair, upgrades and testing of subassemblies for military and commercial customers worldwide. The company offers a full range of engineering, manufacturing and project management services. Headquartered in Fair Lawn, N.J., with branch offices in Marlborough, Mass., and Reno, Nev., U.S. Technologies has extensive industry experience including Military, RF/Microwave, Nuclear, Medical, Semiconductor/Automation, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing and Telecommunications. As a small, privately owned company, U.S. Technologies prides itself on its ability to be truly reactive and focused on customer needs. U.S. Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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